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Here is the list of my arrangements (tablatures + standard notation)

I've rated them from easy to difficult:

1- very easy 2- easy 3- intemediate 4- difficult 5- very difficult

Please note that all the arrangements are played accurately on Youtube except: One note samba, Corcovado, Manha de Carnaval, The Girl from Ipanema and City of New Orleans where there are really minor differences (mainly in the bass lines, not in the positions)

Each arrangement $4.3 USD or 3 €. Please go here to see how to order)

link to my Youtube channel:

For the list of the French songs arrangements please go here

There are lessons available for all my arrangements. See details HERE

*(No video on Youtube. Free midi file sent on demand)

*A Cruz e a Espada 3
A Man and a Woman (Un Homme et une Femme) 3
*A vava inouva 3 Excerpt synth
A Whole New World (Aladdin) 3 Excerpt synth (sent with a midi file)
A World Without Love 2/3
*All I have to do is dream 2/3 Excerpt
Amor de mis amores 3
And I love her 2
Angie 2/3 New
Annie's song 3
Another day 2/3
Ansiedad 3
*Arizona dream 3 Excerpt
Aubrey 3/4
*Autumn leaves 3/4 Excerpt synth
Besame mucho (2 versions sent) 3
Beyond The Sea - La Mer 3
Blackbird 4
Blowing in the wind 1,2 easy arrangement (2 versions sent) easy and very easy
Blowing in the wind 3
Blue Bossa 3
Blue Moon (2 versions sent) 3
Blues for Gerard 2/3
Blues for me (free download) 1/2
Borsalino 3/4
*Boulevard of broken dreams 2 Excerpt
California Dreamin' 3
Can't Help Falling In Love 3
*Catedral 3
City of New Orleans (2 versions sent) 3/4
Close to you 2/3 played by Wayne Walden on Youtube
Corcovado 3/4
Cuando calienta el sol 2/3
Dance me to the end of love 3
Danny boy 3
Dindi 3
*Do not forsake me 3 Excerpt synth
*Do you remember 3 Excerpt synth
Don't cry for me Argentina 2/3
Don't know why 3
*Donna donna 2 Excerpt
Dust in the wind 3/4
Easy Malagueña 1 Free Download
El carretero 3
El condor pasa 3
El Vito 3 Free Download (not my arrangement)
*Emoções 2/3 Excerpt synth
*Estoy Enamorado 3 Excerpt synth
*Fairy Tail (Main Theme) 3 Excerpt synth
Fernando 3
Fields of gold 3
*For no one 3 and 3/4 (2 versions sent) Excerpt synth
*For your babies 3 Excerpt synth
*Freight Train 3 (2 versions sent) Excerpt
From this moment on 3
*Garden party 3 Excerpt synth
*Girei (Pain's Theme) 3 Excerpt synth
Girl 2
*Goodbye To Romance 3 Excerpt synth
Gracias a la vida 2/3
Guantanamera 3
Habbaytak Bissayf (Coupable) 3
Hallelujah (free download) 2/3
*Hard for me to say I'm sorry 2/3 Excerpt synth
Hasta siempre 2/3
Have I Told You Lately 3
Heart of Gold 3
Hello 2/3
Here, There and Everywhere 2/3
Here's that rainy day 4
Hey Jude 2/3
Historia de un amor (2 versions sent) 3
Hotel California 3
How Can You Mend A Broken Heart 2/3
*I Wish You Love (Que reste t il de nos amours) 3
*I'll be seeing you 3
*I'll get you 3
I'm yours 3/4
If I Fell 3
If I were a carpenter (2 versions sent) 2 - 3
If you leave me now 3
Imagine 2/3
In the mood (2 versions sent level 5 and 3)
Isn't she lovely (2 versions sent) 3
It's impossible (almost same arrangement as Somos Novios) 2/3
*It's only love 3 Excerpt synth
Jealous Guy 3 Video on Youtube by szunvukung (some little differences)
Jingle Bells 2/3
Killing Me Softly with His Song (2 versions sent level 2 and 3)
*Killing Me Softly with His Song with vocal solo (sent with the 2 above versions)
La bamba 2/3
Lady 3
Lady in red 4
Lambada (Chorando se foi) 3/4
Layla 3
*Le Da 3 Excerpt synth
Lemon Tree 4
Let it be 2/3
Light my fire 3
*Lonely is the night 3 Excerpt synth
Love me tender 2/3
Love story (2 versions sent) 3
Manha do Carnaval 3
Maria Elena 4
*Maria ninguem 3 Excerpt synth
*Martha My Dear 4 Excerpt synth
Meditation 3
*Mirage Blues 3 Excerpt synth
Moliendo Café 3
Moon river 3
Morning has broken 3/4
Mrs Robinson 3
My Heart Will Go On 3 New
My Rifle, My Pony, and Me 2/3
My Way 3
Natsuhiboshi theme 2
Need you now 3
Never on Sunday 3
Nights In White Satin 3
No woman no cry 2/3
*North to Alaska 3 Excerpt synth
Nuages 3 Video on Youtube by makepeaceguitar
O Tannenbaum 2 and 3 (2 arrangements sent)
On the beach 3
*One day in your life 3 Excerpt synth
One note samba 4
Over the rainbow 3
Perfidia 3
*Piensa en mi 4 Excerpt
Play me in C 2/3
*Poinciana 3 (sent with an accurate midi file) Excerpt
Porque te vas 3
*Pra ser sincero 3 Excerpt synth
Pretty woman 3
Proud Mary 2/3
Rain and tears 2/3
Raindrops keep falling on my head 3
Ride like the wind 3 New
*Rock and Roll Lullaby 3 Excerpt synth
Romanza (Jeux Interdits) 3 (lesson + tabs available as usual)
*Ryofu no Kunou 2 Excerpt
Sabor a mi 3
*Sacrifice 3 Excerpt
Sailing 2/3
Santa Claus is coming to town 3
Santa Lucia 4 (tremolo)
Scarborough Fair 3
*Seguindo No Trem Azul 3
*Shiki Requiem 2/3
Silent Night 1 and 3 (2 arrangements sent)
Sittin' On The Dock of the Bay 3
Smile 2/3
Solamente Una Vez 3
*Something 4/5 Excerpt synth
*Something Stupid 3 Excerpt synth
Somewhere In Time 2/3
Somos Novios (almost same arrangement as It's impossible) 2/3
*Song for Guy 3 Excerpt
*St James Infirmary 2/3 Excerpt
Stand by me 3
Still loving you 3
*Strangers in the night 3 (for 1 more dollar you get an accurate mp3 = $5.30) Excerpt
Sultans of swing 3
Sunny Monophonic (monophonic version. Tabs sent with free mp3 playback. Level 1. very easy)
Sunny Polyphonic (Polyphonic version as played on Youtube. Tabs sent with free mp3 playback. Level 3)
Sunrise 3
Suspicious Minds 3
Suzanne 3
Take Five 4
Tango (Tarrega) 4 New Video on Youtube Some slight differences
*Tao (Sampaguita) 3 Excerpt synth
Tequila Sunrise 3 Link to watch the video(or right clic to download)
*The Blizzard 3 (for 1 more dollar you get an accurate mp3 = $5.30) Excerpt
The boxer 4
The Godfather Theme 1,2,3 (3 versions sent and lesson available)
The girl from Ipanema 4
* The girl from yesterday 3
The house of the rising sun 3
The letter 2/3
The partisan 3
The scientist 3
The Shadow Of Your Smile 3
The sound of silence 2
The Wedding Song (There is Love)
*The Windmills Of Your Mind (Les moulins de mon coeur) 3 Excerpt
The Winner Takes It All 3
*There is an end 2/3 Excerpt
Till there was you 3/4
*True love ways 3 Excerpt synth
Unchained Melody 3
*Vårsøg 2/3 Excerpt synth
Vaya con Dios 3
Vincent (starry, starry night) 3
Você Abusou 3
*Volver 3 Excerpt synth
Wake me up when september ends (free download) 1
Wave 3/4
*Welcome to my world 3 Excerpt synth
What a wonderful world 3 Excerpt synth
When the saints go marching in 3
*While my guitar gently weeps 3 (for 1 more dollar you get an accurate mp3 = $5.30) Excerpt
White Christmas 2/3
Wild world 3
*With or without you 3 Excerpt
Wonderful tonight 3
*Yes 3 Excerpt synth
Yesterday once more 3
Yesterday 2
You Can Close your eyes 3

French songs arrangements

*Aimer 2/3 Extrait synth
*Aline 2/3 New Excerpt synth
*Amsterdam 3 Extrait
*Au Café des délices 2/3 mp3 synth
Borsalino 3/4
*Ce Rêve Bleu (Aladdin) 3 Extrait synth (un fichier midi envoyé avec la partition)
*Cécile ma fille 2 Extrait synth
*C'est extra 2/3 mp3 synth
*Chanson pour l'auvergnat 2 Extrait
*Clandestino 1 Extrait
Comme d'habitude (My Way) 3
*Comme ils disent 3 mp3 synth
*Emmenez moi 3 mp3 synth
Et si tu n'existais pas 3
*Etoile des neiges 1
Evangéline 2/3
Fais comme l'oiseau (Você Abusou) 3
Habbaytak Bissayf (Coupable) 3
*J'ai demandé à la lune 3 Extrait
*Je me voyais déjà 3/4 mp3 synth
Je T'aime...Moi Non Plus 3 Nouveau
Jeux Interdits 3
La Boheme (2 versions envoyées) 2/3
*La Chanson de Prévert (2 versions envoyées niveaux 2/3 et 3) mp3 synth
*La complainte du phoque en Alaska 3 Extrait
*La Corrida 3 mp3 synth
*La femme grillagée 3 mp3 synth
La foule 3 ("Amor de mis amores" sur Youtube)
*La Mamma 3 Extrait
La Mer (Beyond the sea) 3
*La Montagne 2/3 mp3 synth
*Là où je t'emmènerai 2+ mp3 synth
*La valse d'Amelie 3/4 Extrait synth
La vie en rose 3
* Le Métèque 2/3 Extrait synth
* Le partisan 3 Extrait
* Le tango de l'ennui 3 mp3 synth
*Le Tourbillon de la vie 2+ Extrait
*Les Comédiens 3 mp3 synth
*Les feuilles mortes 3/4 Extrait synth
*Les moulins de mon coeur (The Windmills Of Your Mind) 3 Extrait
Les portes du pénitencier 3
*Les uns contre les autres 3 Extrait synth
*Ma môme 2/3 mp3 synth
*Milord 3 Extrait synth
*Mistral gagnant 2 (Sans intro, facile) Extrait
*Mon amant de Saint Jean Niveau 1
*Mon amant de Saint Jean Niveau 2 Extrait
*Mon Vieux 2/3 mp3 synth
*Navarro Blues version 1 facile Extrait
*Navarro Blues version 2+ assez facile Extrait
Ne me quitte pas 2/3
*Non, je ne regrette rien 2/3 mp3 synth
Nuages 3 Vidéo sur Youtube joué par Len
*Petite Marie 2/3 Extrait synth
* Quand on a que l'amour 2/3 mp3 synth
*Que reste t il de nos amours 3 (I Wish you love) mp3 synth
Salut les amoureux. "City of New Orleans" sur Youtube. (2 versions envoyées) 3/4
Si Seulement Je Pouvais Lui Manquer 3 Vidéo sur Youtube joué par Romain
Un homme et une femme 3


(*) La vidéo de cet arrangement n'est pas sur Youtube. Je peux vous envoyer un fichier midi gratuit avec la partition sur demande, pour ces morceaux.