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Some explanations to place and set an order


I live in France.

You should make a bank transfer
if you live inside Europe.

Depending on your country you could also use TransferWise (check their website)

If not you can try Western Union but you'll get taxes.

Other way is putting euros in a letter.
It's always been safe.

Paypal works fine for me for more than 10 years now.

Never had a problem and it's free for you.

Each tab = $4.3

Each video lesson = $14

Once in Paypal (of your country) you just need to send the amount you wish to :

As soon as I get your payment I send you the tabs by E mail or a link for download the video lesson.


If the link below does not work in your country please go to and send the amount you wish to :

Each tab = $4.3

Each video lesson = $14