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Presentation of Jorge Nolla

Jorge Nolla was born in Barcelona.
At the age of 8 and after listening to some street  musicians, he asked to take classical guitar lessons..  (7 years with a teacher from the Academy of Music).

As an adult he joined a pop group (Tuset 31) and recorded a single for Novola in Madrid. This record, distributed throughout Spain was well received.

Arriving in France in 1973, he took French nationality and began to give guitar lessons, however this was not yet his main activity. In 1980 he met his future wife, a singer, in Paris and together they decided to travel around the world singing and playing in major hotels (Middle East, Africa, Canada, Germany).

In 1986 they decided to stop travelling and play separately in the well-known hotels on the Basque coast (Hotel du Palais, Hotel Miramar, Casinos...)

He went on to learn to play both piano and flute, study modern harmony and composition while also taking an interest in jazz.

Jorge abandoned the stage in 2002 to concentrate on giving guitar lessons. Six years later he left the Basque country for a complete change of lifestyle . Since then he teaches, composes and makes arrangements for guitarists worldwide thanks to Internet.

To date, he counts over 13 million visits and nearly 200 videos on Youtube.